Your Health Baggage

Many of my clients were put on diets when they were kids. Maybe their pediatrician told them they were overweight and needed to diet. Maybe they joined their mom at Weight Watchers meetings. Maybe their parents fed their skinny siblings different then they fed them.

Years and years of mental baggage often wrapped up in shame, guilt, and FAILURE.

So what can you do about this? Feeling hopeless, like a healthier more fit life is impossible (so why waste time and energy on it?) is an understandable reaction.

1. Stop relying on the scale or BMI to be your ultimate goal. If the scale is the end all be all for your health and fitness goals, you’re more likely to be frustrated. I can’t tell you how many of my clients feel amazing, on a roll, and taking amazing care of themselves UNTIL they step on the scale and see no weight change. If the scale consistently makes you feel WORSE (and sabotaging your health and fitness goals) then it’s time to toss the scale out the window.

2. Have a meaningful activity goal to keep you motivated.Completing a 5k, a challenging hike, or learning a new physical skill. Take it away from weight and towards accomplishments and skills.

3. Find support. Hire a coach, or join a exercise group that will keep you in line and motivated even when you’re not super inspired yourself. Something that won’t let you slip through the cracks.

Old mental baggage is the BIGGEST hurdle to getting where you want to be. Overcoming this and working through them is crucial if you REALLY want what you want.

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~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Training

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

IIN Certified Health Coach


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