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Are you struggling to exercise, stuck in a rut of NOT working out?

Every morning do you think “This is IT! I’m eating healthy today ~ no excuses”  or “THIS week I’m going to the gym!” but by 4pm your hands are in the snack drawer and the idea of   getting to the gym seems as likely as climbing Mount Everest.


The good news is that I LOOOOOVE helping people just like you. People who just need intensive support, guidance and accountability ~ so that over the course of 12 weeks MIRACLES happen. (Miracles that you work hard at, focus on, and motivate you!)

By the time we’re done you’ll be:

  • Jumping off the couch and bounding up flights of stairs (no panting at the top!)
  • OFF sugar, processed foods, and late night snacks
  • Zipping up your jeans with room to spare
  • Feeling AWESOME in your fancy holiday party outfit
  • CONFIDENT that you can take whatever life throws at you

What you get by joining: 

  •  Weekly Training Sessions (Mixing cardio, strength and core)
  • Group Classes
  • Food Support & access to my Cleanse & Detox Program.
  • At home workouts for those days you need to get it done at home
  • My 8 Week Fit by NOW! Online Program, with all the tips and tricks you need to stay in tune with your goals. Includes my insanely valuable ‘5 Food Rules’.
  • My insanely valuable support and guidance.

This program is DESIGNED for the unfit person. We’ll be working from the ground up ~ taking you from where you ARE to where you see yourself going. Fit, confident, and STRONG.

This is the thing ~ I believe with my entire heart and soul that fitness and health are KEY to living the life we envision for ourselves. I believe that with CONSISTENCY in our fitness, our whole lives can improve.

My super private studio, here in Stow Center, is ideal for helping you get into tip top shape. This isn’t a typical gym, with the crowds of people, the waiting for machines, the wondering if what you’re doing is getting you where you want to be.

The clients who sign up to work with me GET.RESULTS.

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of my clients take serious charge of their health ~ and I’m NOT a run of the mill, weekend workshop certified trainer. I earned my Masters Degree in Athletic Training / Sports Medicine focusing on rehabilitation. I worked in a Hospital Wellness Center for two years, helping patients safely transfer out of rehab and into fitness after injury, and surgery.

I’ve got:

  • Treadmill (Woodway, super supportive high end treadmill)
  • BowFlex Max Trainer (Elliptical Stepper)
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Fully Stacked Free Weights
  • Stability Balls & Medicine Balls


Pricing depends on the clients needs and goals.

Personal Training Packages begin at $500/month

Apply for this program by clicking HERE
 Head Shot Ball

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