Client Success! Meet Theresa

Ruckus Boston 8Hello!

I recently completed a very challenging obstacle course called Ruckus Boston.  What drew me to this was my sister.  For about a year, she kept sending me emails on races and would harass me with “yeah, you’ll never sign up.”  I always thought these kind of things were meant for the true, die-hard exercise people…that’s not me.

Well, I surprised her this past June…and signed up.

She told me the best “training” is Boot Camp / Fit Camp and it was.

I am not a runner, I am not a die-hard work out fanatic.  To train for the race, I took June’s class one day a week and then really would do 2 more days of exercising at the local gym.  Forty minutes of cardio, with some free weights…I was a little worried that this would not be enough training.

Race day came, I saw the obstacles…admittedly, it was a little intimidating.  But, I had two goals…a) to try each obstacle 3 times and if I can’t get it, move on and 2) to finish the course.

Out of 27 obstacles…I could not accomplish 2 (one, because it was closed) – of the 25 other ones I did complete…I got them on the first try.  More importantly…I finished it.

It was BY FAR the best time exercising I’ve ever had.

When it comes to fitness, I like variety….fit camp gives me that, and obstacle courses give me that.

So, what I found is you don’t have to be the exercise fanatic to do these obstacle courses…you just have to want to have fun…and I did.  So much so, that my next one is in 2 weeks… I’ve even recruited a few people to join in!

So, give it a try!!


Theresa Reardon


What I love is Theresa’s ‘Start Before You’re Ready’ attitude.

Was she intimidated? Yes. Was she nervous? Yes.

Did she train and do it anyways?


Awesome Job, Theresa.


What got you to compete in an event you were nervous about? Post your story below – I’d love to hear about it!

Client Success: Meet Tom

 Hello Fitness Enthusiasts!

Meet Tom, an “unlikely athlete” who was dragged to one of my Fit Camp classes over a year ago by one of my clients during a tough time in his life. Over the course of a year Tom has transformed both physically and mentally. 

Please read his story in his own words:

I went to my first Fit Camp class in January of 2012, about 2 weeks after my father had passed away, losing a 5 year battle to cancer.  I was really depressed and feeling down about my body as I had gained about 20 pounds during the time he was sick.  I had been to the gym off and on, but really wasn’t finding any results.  My life changed when I met June Melia the owner of Fit by June.  She is extremely supportive and allowed me to participate at my own pace.  I started slow and missed classes I signed up for, but she was always supportive and understanding.   She gave me gentle pushes to commit myself to better health, and shared insight on what to do on days I was not at fit camp.  Slowly as I got more fit she introduced me to health tips and supported me to prepare for my first 5K which was a charity run to support cancer and I finished under 30 minutes!

Tom After Losing More Than 20 lbs.
Tom After Losing More Than 20 lbs.

While I was working with June my friends had two comments that continued to resonate with me, the first was “Wow you work out at 6am and you pay extra money for a fitness class?!?”  The first is easy as it feels amazing to be walking out of the gym at 7am and having no pressure the rest of the day to find where in my day I will fit my work out.  I will admit getting up at first was hard, but it quickly became easy.  The second is the money, and frankly to be in a class with 10-15 other mates with direct access to a personal trainer is a no brainer for me.  I have plenty of friends that pay $100/ session for 1-2-1 attention and this is a fraction of the cost.  Additionally, I look and feel amazing, and the confidence that has brought into my life is priceless.  During this journey of fitness and health I have had the best year ever in my profession and I attribute the ability to have energy back to my small investment with June!

Well, I write this testimonial gladly, 16 months after my first class and I am down 25 lbs and the lowest my weight has been since high school, but what impresses me the most is when I look in the mirror I see a ton of muscle.  Sometimes when you hear of people losing weight they don’t replace the fat with muscle and they look horrible.  With June’s programs we do body weight exercises that minimize you chances of getting hurt and maximize your ability to shape your body.

I tell every person I meet about June Melia of Fit by June and feel that your can’t go another day with out becoming part of the Fit Camp team.

Good luck in your weight loss and fitness journey and if you want more than luck then sign up today and make sure to say hello at the next class!  

~ Tom Matthews

** Summer Fit Camp Begins June 24th. We’d love to have you join in the fun! Leave your name and email to stay up to date on upcoming classes, AND receive motivational health tips.