CLIENT SUCCESS : Lost 60 lbs & her first 5k

Karen is one on those clients that just won’t quit. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Read her story here:

Karen (center) finishing her 5k this Thanksgiving. I'm on the right, along with a FitCamper supporter.
Karen (center) finishing her 5k this Thanksgiving. I’m on the right, along with a FitCamper supporter.

“I started working with June in February 2014. I was extremely overweight and did not exercise. Plus, the fact that  I have been diagnosed with Spinal stenois which is narrowing of the spine and causes pain though out my shoulders, neck and spine. I get epidural shots at least every three months.  Actually, working out has helped out.

I had to do something. Dieting was not working and I continued to gain weight, had trouble breathing, swollen legs and overall feeling lousy.  I couldn’t even walk my dogs.  Then I met with June and over the past 10 months my life has changed so much for the better. She has taught me about reading labels, changing my eating habits, setting goals, and thinking about how I will be going forward.

The support I get from June, my family, along with the Fit Camp members has made this journey something I will hold onto for years to come.  

It is not easy, it is hard work, portion control, exercise, reading labels, reducing or eliminating alcohol intake. But seeing and feeling the results is rewarding.  So far I have lost 60 lbs, I’m able to do things I could not do a year ago and it’s an amazing feeling.

Who would have thought that I could jump rope, do many of these crazy exercises that help tone my body, and now doing a  run/walk outside.  

Thank you June, for supporting and helping me over the last 10 months, I appreciate everything you have done for me.”  Karen; Hudson


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