In Your Home Personal Training

Is getting to the gym not really an option for you?

Do you lack:

~ Time

~ Motivation

~ Accountability

~ the general know-how of what you could do in the space you have?

I’ve been meeting clients in their homes for 10 years. For many people, in home personal training is a game changer when it comes to improving health and fitness.

Some of the many benefits of exercising in your own home with a Personal Trainer:

~ Saves time (no driving!) so you can spend more time doing other important things!

~ Efficient workouts so you don’t spend time on exercises that don’t get you closer to your (super important!) goals

~ Create a usable workout space in your own home (even if it’s small!)

~ Utilize equipment you may already have, plus I bring some for us to use together to make things more exciting.

~ A tougher, more focused workout you only get with a qualified, inspiring trainer.

What do you say we get started?

Summer Special :

$150 for 75 minute initial assessment (optional)

$125 for 50 minute session (may change depending on location)

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