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Being an endurance athlete for about 15 years, people often ask me what I think about when out for a long run / swim / bike. They usually think a long run is insanely boring. A waste of time.

But the reality is that most of my BEST ideas come to me when I am outside, exercising. When fresh air and exercise are mixed together, most problems can be solved – sometimes problems I didn’t even know I had.

file0001816862747For example, at the end of most of my 8 week Fit Camp sessions I typically hold a “Game Day” event. The whole idea of “Game Day” came to me when I was out for a run. Kinda like “Hey – wouldn’t it be fun if we played an athletic version of musical chairs at Game Day?” And, Game Day was born.

Then, each time a scheduled Game Day was looming, I’d head out for a run – and … voila! A unique, exciting Game Day idea would come to me. We’ve played athletic versions of Bingo, musical chairs, and had a Game Day scavenger hunt. Class takers loved it – and they were always my biggest class of the session.

I doubt that any of these idea would’ve come to me if I had been sitting at a desk, trying to beat a good idea out of my head.

EXERCISE helps your brain work better, easier. 

Try this: Next time you are struggling with a creative solution to a problem, head outside for a walk, or a run. You’ll be amazed at what solutions simply pop into your head.

Work Hard this Week,

~ June

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