Don’t be left behind!

If physical limitations weren’t an issue, what would you be excited to do?

Do you worry when you’re out and about that you won’t be able to keep up, or are you always looking for a spot to sit down?

Do you NOT accept invitations to do things or go places because you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up, or that you’ll hurt yourself, or be embarrassed?

Here is the thing ~ the energy it takes WORRYING about all those things is MORE exhausting than the effort it takes to to turn it around.

When a client tells me they did something they NEVER would’ve even TRIED to do before we started working together? THAT is the best part of doing what I do.

I’ve been working with a woman for 6 months who REALLY wanted to be in shape to ski with her grandkids. So, she showed up 2x each week. She dedicated the time and energy. EACH workout I reminded her of what her goal was. To be ready for this ski trip. To ski with her grandkids!

And she DID IT! No worries about slipping, no worries about hurting her knees. She got to make these AWESOME memories with her grandkids. She wasn’t sitting, watching from the ski lodge with a cup of tea. She was out there with them. And they’ll remember that.

How amazing and INSPIRING is that?

It didn’t happen by accident. She TRAINED for it. We worked on her leg strength, her balance, her confidence.

If you want to be a grandma/grandpa who gets out there ~ let’s GO!

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Talk soon!

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

IIN Certified Health Coach

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition


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