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Hello Fitness Enthusiast!

Meet another one of my AMAZING clients, Tenney. Tenney is a total superstar – and has been coming to my Fit Camp classes regularly for a couple of years. Tenney is one of those people who any teacher would love. She always comes to class (early!) with enthusiasm and a smile – easy going and encouraging toward the other class takers.

Over the course of the past year she decided to lose some weight. About 30 lbs.

I asked her to share some of her real world tips for weight loss here:

Q: What motivated you to lose 30+ lbs?

A. Honestly, I was just tired of feeling overweight – clothes were never looking good, and I hated shopping for new (larger?) clothes.  I had finally got to the point where enough was enough (and the fact that I will be 55 (yikes!!) this summer was something to think about too!)

Q: What were the two biggest changes you made to your lifestyle to lose 30 lbs?

A: Commitment to exercising – not just Fit Camp, but going to the gym a few times each week, or running and portion control of food.

Q: What were the two biggest challenges you had to losing weight?

A: Making both the portion control and exercise a part of my life. To me, your Fit Camp is the easiest part of it all – because I love it!  That first class was the beginning….it took me another 8 months of just that to get me going on the food part and the added exercise.  That is when the weight really started to slowly come off……..Fit Camp got me started, kept me motivated (I love your Motivational Monday e-mails), and slowly it all fell into place.  Thanks June!!

Tenney makes it sound so easy – but what she did can be really difficult for a lot of people.

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, I’d love to hear from you! I’m running another round of my four or six month Weight Loss Intensive beginning this June. If you are interested in more info please CLICK HERE for more info – or send me your info by CLICKING HERE. We can set up a free 30 minute phone consult and see if you’re a good fit for the program.

Work Hard this Week!

~ June


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