Client Success: Meet Lisa

“Fit Camp is AWESOME!

spartan2Working out and going to the gym have never been high on my list of priorities, but I found my niche in June’s morning fit camp classes. Sure, it is really tough to get up at 5:30am (especially on a Monday), but it is all worth it at 7am when you are tired and sweaty among your other fit friends, and you have completed a fun and fulfilling workout.

In 2013 I committed to completing the Spartan Race – a 5K obstacle/mud run. My first ever 5K race of any kind. I was not interested in having a good time, I just wanted to finish. Period. Every class, June helped me stay focused and work hard toward my goal. Fit Camp really helped me prepare, and the day of the race I felt confident that I could finish it no matter what they threw at me (be it mud, fire, a 10 foot wall, or barbed wire).

Crossing the finish line was the best reward I could have received. When the volunteers put the medal around my neck, I knew I had actually done it, and I couldn’t have done it without June’s support (THANKS JUNE!!)

 I find myself remembering that moment when work or life gets hectic, and it gives me perspective on things that are truly challenging rather than just inconvenient or stressful. I will be doing the 2014 Spartan Race in August. My goal this year is to complete it faster than last year, and I also want to complete ALL of the obstacles this time, which means I need to work on rope climbing, spear throwing and monkey bars! I’m sure June will have some ideas on how I can do that.”

~ Lisa, Maynard


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