CLIENT SUCCESS! Mom of 2 lost +50 lbs

My awesome client, Erika, has two boys and a busy life. She decided it was time to take charge and take better care of herself:

“My weight has gone up and down over the years but the last 7 have been the highest it’s ever been.

I have a 5 ½ year old and a 2 year old and some of the pregnancy weight had come off, but not all, and I found myself at a standstill.

I was the person who joined the gym yet never went because I couldn’t get childcare or always had an excuse not to.

That’s when I received June’s email regarding the Weight Loss Intensive program – it came at the perfect time. I needed help incorporating exercise into my life and stop making excuses for why I wasn’t. With June I learned fancy gym equipment isn’t necessary for a great workout, and she tailored exercises for me I could do at home with my kids. I wasn’t just looking to lose weight, but rather make a lifestyle change that was sustainable. This included food, mainly portion control, and exercise.

The best part of the program was June’s support and encouragement. She starts one step at a time. Losing weight is overwhelming but when you break it down week by week and slowly chip away at it (and start seeing results) it becomes much more manageable. It helped tremendously when setting weekly goals knowing I was being held accountable for them because I would be following up with June at our next 1:1.

I hit some bumps in the road, but even through those bumps June was always understanding and motivating.

By the end of the program I lost 52 pounds. I’m still shocked. It’s more than I ever expected and I feel incredible! Now I work out with June on Saturday mornings and actually look forward to it! I would recommend this program in a heartbeat to anyone looking to live a healthy life!” Erika, Stow.

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