Jael with her beautiful family after the race

Jael has been a devoted Fit Camper for a couple years at least.

A mother to THREE young girls (!!!)  she makes time to get her workouts in with me each week.

Totally amazing.

She successfully ran her first 5k on Thanksgiving, and shared her thoughts and training below:

“There’s no way I would have run a 5k if it weren’t for Fit Camp (and June!). Actually, there’s no way I would have walked a 5k, but since I do have Fit Camp (and June) in my life, not only did I do it, but I ran it.

My primary training was Fit Camp, plus some extra sessions at the track. The best thing I did to increase my confidence was to try a few laps and to realize I needed to slow down my pace so I wouldn’t burn out.

Part of my motivation was to prove to myself that I could do it, and part was to show my daughters that I’m committed to exercise, staying healthy, and being strong. I felt amazing at the end — pleasantly surprised that I finished it without being totally wiped out, and thrilled to see my girls and my husband cheering me on. I’m absolutely planning to run another one (or many more) when I can” ~ Jael, Stow

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