About June

June Melia

Hello! I’m June.

I work with frustrated folks desperate to be fit, healthy, and strong. The only problem is everything else  seems to get in the way no matter how hard they try.  Working with me helps them focus, be supported, and find the most efficient way to reach the goal of amazing health & fitness. This way you can power through the day feeling invincible, fit, healthy, and strong!

What Makes Me Different:

I’ve spent the past 15+ years working with my clients as a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Health Coach. I also earned my Masters Degree in Athletic Training.

A Little About Me

I am an avid exerciser,  I love training and racing in all sorts of events, but often find that training for something is my favorite part of being an athlete.

I grew up just north of Boston, but was born in Ireland. My dad was an amazing marathoner and some of my earliest memories is of my mom taking me for long walks in a red stroller. Sunday mornings were often spent waiting for my dad to cross the finish line at a local (or not so local) road race or marathon.

I took up running as a young adult, and got pretty fast until a pretty bad injury sidelined me and tested me mentally as well as physically. To cope with the injury I spent one whole year training to swim across Lake Champlain – 8 miles from shore to shore. The toughest four hours of my life. After completing that swim I began running again and raced in Triathlon, up to the 1/2 Ironman Distance (1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run). I soon stopped training for triathlon, deciding I hate riding the bike (too many flat tires for my tastes!)

After 6 years working as a Certified Personal Trainer in California and Florida I moved back up north and eventually graduated with a Masters in Athletic Training from Bridgewater State. I graduated from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN) in 2014.

My career as a personal trainer has brought me to general fitness facilities, tennis clubs, hospital wellness centers.

I opened my own private fitness studio in Stow Center ~ knowing my clients crave a space where they feel focused on their own health and fitness.


I love helping people find health and fitness in their lives.

I’d love to help you!


Masters Degree in Athletic Training


ACE (American Council on Exercise) since 2001

Holistic Health Coach (IIN)

Athletic Accomplishments

8 Mile Swim Across Lake Champlain
1/2 Marathon (13.1 mile run) PR: 1:39:39
Ironman Triathlon (1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike/ 13.1 mile run)