21 Day Kick Start

Are you struggling just to get STARTED?

Do you promise yourself every day you’ll do better TOMORROW?

Do you wish you had someone to hold you accountable?

I’ve created this mini three week program JUST for you.

To give you the kick-in-the-butt to get your momentum and get a PLAN so you’ll be on your way to amazing fitness.

We’ll meet twice per week over three weeks in my super sleek private studio. You’ll increase your cardio fitness so you can build your endurance and energy, plus you’ll get toned up feeling better then you have in YEARS.

Where: 48 Homestead Ln, Stow

Availability : mon (5am-1pm), tues (5-1pm), thur (5-1pm), fri (5-1pm), sat. (6-9am)

Investment : $395

CLICK HERE to schedule your sessions now.