Don’t Give Up {Aging & Fitness}

We all know that after a certain age, things start to go down hill when it comes to our health and fitness. After a certain age (30? 40? 50?) things catch up with us.

Maybe we look in the mirror one day, and we see that our muscle tone isn’t what it once was. Or we’re achy in the morning and getting out of bed is painful. Or we’re gaining weight ~ and losing it again isn’t as easy as it used to be. We’re losing our memory.

And some of us say ‘Oh well’ and figure this is the inevitable part of aging.

While others say ‘time to get to work’ and they make the time, find the support, and make a change. Change their trajectory.

To a pretty large degree (some would say up to 75%) how we age is up to us. Up to a collection of small choices we make to ensure our overall health. Exercising, eating well, and resting properly.

It’s a lot like saving for retirement. Monthly savings turn into a big pay day.

You don’t have to turn into a superhero athlete. These are the things you need to focus on on a daily basis to age well:

  • Mobility & agility
  • Muscle & soft tissue strength
  • Balance & stability

It’s up to YOU! If you need support and don’t know where to start, I’d love to help you.

What can you do next? CLICK HERE and we’ll find a time to talk.

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach


Don’t be left behind!

If physical limitations weren’t an issue, what would you be excited to do?

Do you worry when you’re out and about that you won’t be able to keep up, or are you always looking for a spot to sit down?

Do you NOT accept invitations to do things or go places because you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up, or that you’ll hurt yourself, or be embarrassed?

Here is the thing ~ the energy it takes WORRYING about all those things is MORE exhausting than the effort it takes to to turn it around.

When a client tells me they did something they NEVER would’ve even TRIED to do before we started working together? THAT is the best part of doing what I do.

I’ve been working with a woman for 6 months who REALLY wanted to be in shape to ski with her grandkids. So, she showed up 2x each week. She dedicated the time and energy. EACH workout I reminded her of what her goal was. To be ready for this ski trip. To ski with her grandkids!

And she DID IT! No worries about slipping, no worries about hurting her knees. She got to make these AWESOME memories with her grandkids. She wasn’t sitting, watching from the ski lodge with a cup of tea. She was out there with them. And they’ll remember that.

How amazing and INSPIRING is that?

It didn’t happen by accident. She TRAINED for it. We worked on her leg strength, her balance, her confidence.

If you want to be a grandma/grandpa who gets out there ~ let’s GO!

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Talk soon!

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

IIN Certified Health Coach

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition


P.S. Think it’s not possible? I get it. But let’s talk and see what you need to make it happen. CLICK HERE

Your Health Baggage

Many of my clients were put on diets when they were kids. Maybe their pediatrician told them they were overweight and needed to diet. Maybe they joined their mom at Weight Watchers meetings. Maybe their parents fed their skinny siblings different then they fed them.

Years and years of mental baggage often wrapped up in shame, guilt, and FAILURE.

So what can you do about this? Feeling hopeless, like a healthier more fit life is impossible (so why waste time and energy on it?) is an understandable reaction.

1. Stop relying on the scale or BMI to be your ultimate goal. If the scale is the end all be all for your health and fitness goals, you’re more likely to be frustrated. I can’t tell you how many of my clients feel amazing, on a roll, and taking amazing care of themselves UNTIL they step on the scale and see no weight change. If the scale consistently makes you feel WORSE (and sabotaging your health and fitness goals) then it’s time to toss the scale out the window.

2. Have a meaningful activity goal to keep you motivated.Completing a 5k, a challenging hike, or learning a new physical skill. Take it away from weight and towards accomplishments and skills.

3. Find support. Hire a coach, or join a exercise group that will keep you in line and motivated even when you’re not super inspired yourself. Something that won’t let you slip through the cracks.

Old mental baggage is the BIGGEST hurdle to getting where you want to be. Overcoming this and working through them is crucial if you REALLY want what you want.

Need a hand? Come visit my new, bright, private fitness studio here in Stow Center.

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~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Training

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

IIN Certified Health Coach


Hey, Sugar…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that sugar has a HUGE negative impact on our health ~ both mentally and physically,

And sugar is REALLY tough to quit. Like, REALLY hard. It is a legit addiction.

Not to mention, it is in EVERYTHING.

  • Yogurt
  • Cereal / Granola
  • Meal Replacement Bars
  • Pasta Sauces
  • Energy / Sports Drinks

And did you know that processed carbs (bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, etc) has the same impact on our bodies as sugar does? It’s a DOOZIE!

And the more processed carbs you eat, the more you crave. It’s an endless cycle ~ a loop that is REALLY hard to get off.

The pull is REAL. I get it.

I’m helping my new clients take control of their health.

Clients who have:

  • Metabolic Syndrome (a mix of stored belly fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar)
  • Prediabetes.
  • Type 2 diabates

Here is the thing : all of this is reversible. All of this is changeable! You can get your health back. You may just need a little support.


>>CLICK HERE to take my metabolic syndrome / type 2 diabetes quiz (are you at risk?)

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Talk Soon!

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

IIN Certified Health Coach


“So far I have lost 60 lbs, I’m able to do things I could not do a year ago and it’s an amazing feeling.” Karen, Hudson

“It helped tremendously when setting weekly goals knowing I was being held accountable for them because I would be following up with June at our next 1:1. I hit some bumps in the road, but even through those bumps June was always understanding and motivating. By the end of the program I lost 52 pounds” Erika, Stow

“With knowing my objectives and her belief in me; June gave me the confidence to do what I needed to reach my goal of losing 25 pounds in three months for my son’s wedding” Denise, Acton

“Your encouragement, advice, suggestions, guidance, and words of wisdom helped me reach my goals. I have lost about 10 lbs, been able to walk into my closet and wear what I want, have built in good, clean eating habits” Maureen, Stow

Let’s Get Started!

Are you struggling to exercise, stuck in a rut of NOT working out?

Every morning do you think “This is IT! I’m eating healthy today ~ no excuses”  or “THIS week I’m going to the gym!” but by 4pm your hands are in the snack drawer and the idea of   getting to the gym seems as likely as climbing Mount Everest.


The good news is that I LOOOOOVE helping people just like you. People who just need intensive support, guidance and accountability ~ so that over the course of 12 weeks MIRACLES happen. (Miracles that you work hard at, focus on, and motivate you!)

By the time we’re done you’ll be:

  • Jumping off the couch and bounding up flights of stairs (no panting at the top!)
  • OFF sugar, processed foods, and late night snacks
  • Zipping up your jeans with room to spare
  • Feeling AWESOME in your fancy holiday party outfit
  • CONFIDENT that you can take whatever life throws at you

What you get by joining: 

  •  Weekly Training Sessions (Mixing cardio, strength and core)
  • Group Classes
  • Food Support & access to my Cleanse & Detox Program.
  • At home workouts for those days you need to get it done at home
  • My 8 Week Fit by NOW! Online Program, with all the tips and tricks you need to stay in tune with your goals. Includes my insanely valuable ‘5 Food Rules’.
  • My insanely valuable support and guidance.

This program is DESIGNED for the unfit person. We’ll be working from the ground up ~ taking you from where you ARE to where you see yourself going. Fit, confident, and STRONG.

This is the thing ~ I believe with my entire heart and soul that fitness and health are KEY to living the life we envision for ourselves. I believe that with CONSISTENCY in our fitness, our whole lives can improve.

My super private studio, here in Stow Center, is ideal for helping you get into tip top shape. This isn’t a typical gym, with the crowds of people, the waiting for machines, the wondering if what you’re doing is getting you where you want to be.

The clients who sign up to work with me GET.RESULTS.

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of my clients take serious charge of their health ~ and I’m NOT a run of the mill, weekend workshop certified trainer. I earned my Masters Degree in Athletic Training / Sports Medicine focusing on rehabilitation. I worked in a Hospital Wellness Center for two years, helping patients safely transfer out of rehab and into fitness after injury, and surgery.

I’ve got:

  • Treadmill (Woodway, super supportive high end treadmill)
  • BowFlex Max Trainer (Elliptical Stepper)
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Fully Stacked Free Weights
  • Stability Balls & Medicine Balls


Pricing depends on the clients needs and goals.

Personal Training Packages begin at $500/month

Apply for this program by clicking HERE
 Head Shot Ball

CLIENT SUCCESS! 14 lbs. lost & ready for the WEDDING!

Meet my amazing, motivated, on fire client – Cindy.

She dug deep, did the work, and EARNED her amazing results:

“I started June’s [program] to get in shape for my daughter’s wedding but it has ended up being so much more.

Working with June was some how hypnotic to me. She somehow got me to do things I NEVER thought I could do. I have found my “inner athlete” as she calls it. And I love it.

I have never stuck with work out routines – I’d get bored at the gym and had little results. I somehow love the work out classes she holds. It’s a hard work out, but I feel great after and love seeing myself actually getting stronger and doing things I couldn’t do when I first started.

I am 52 years old and I’ve never run in my life, June has me convinced that I can do a 5k and I am working towards that goal right now. All the women in the class are so inspiring, helpful and supportive.

June taught me a way to eat that made sense and actually works for me. I have lost 14 pounds, several inches, have gone down 2 sizes and feel fabulous.

This all started as a quick class to get in shape for a wedding but really has turned out to be a life changing experience that won’t stop after the wedding!

This has been the best thing I have done for myself in years. Thank you, thank you June!!!” (Cindy; Maynard)

Super impressive, right?

>CLICK HERE to learn how to get these results!<<

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2001)

IIN Certified Health Coach (2014)

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition (2016)

CLIENT SUCCESS! Mom of 2 lost +50 lbs

My awesome client, Erika, has two boys and a busy life. She decided it was time to take charge and take better care of herself:

“My weight has gone up and down over the years but the last 7 have been the highest it’s ever been.

I have a 5 ½ year old and a 2 year old and some of the pregnancy weight had come off, but not all, and I found myself at a standstill.

I was the person who joined the gym yet never went because I couldn’t get childcare or always had an excuse not to.

That’s when I received June’s email regarding the Weight Loss Intensive program – it came at the perfect time. I needed help incorporating exercise into my life and stop making excuses for why I wasn’t. With June I learned fancy gym equipment isn’t necessary for a great workout, and she tailored exercises for me I could do at home with my kids. I wasn’t just looking to lose weight, but rather make a lifestyle change that was sustainable. This included food, mainly portion control, and exercise.

The best part of the program was June’s support and encouragement. She starts one step at a time. Losing weight is overwhelming but when you break it down week by week and slowly chip away at it (and start seeing results) it becomes much more manageable. It helped tremendously when setting weekly goals knowing I was being held accountable for them because I would be following up with June at our next 1:1.

I hit some bumps in the road, but even through those bumps June was always understanding and motivating.

By the end of the program I lost 52 pounds. I’m still shocked. It’s more than I ever expected and I feel incredible! Now I work out with June on Saturday mornings and actually look forward to it! I would recommend this program in a heartbeat to anyone looking to live a healthy life!” Erika, Stow.

Want these results for yourself?

>CLICK HERE to learn more<

CLIENT SUCCESS : Lost 60 lbs & her first 5k

Karen is one on those clients that just won’t quit. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Read her story here:

Karen (center) finishing her 5k this Thanksgiving. I'm on the right, along with a FitCamper supporter.
Karen (center) finishing her 5k this Thanksgiving. I’m on the right, along with a FitCamper supporter.

“I started working with June in February 2014. I was extremely overweight and did not exercise. Plus, the fact that  I have been diagnosed with Spinal stenois which is narrowing of the spine and causes pain though out my shoulders, neck and spine. I get epidural shots at least every three months.  Actually, working out has helped out.

I had to do something. Dieting was not working and I continued to gain weight, had trouble breathing, swollen legs and overall feeling lousy.  I couldn’t even walk my dogs.  Then I met with June and over the past 10 months my life has changed so much for the better. She has taught me about reading labels, changing my eating habits, setting goals, and thinking about how I will be going forward.

The support I get from June, my family, along with the Fit Camp members has made this journey something I will hold onto for years to come.  

It is not easy, it is hard work, portion control, exercise, reading labels, reducing or eliminating alcohol intake. But seeing and feeling the results is rewarding.  So far I have lost 60 lbs, I’m able to do things I could not do a year ago and it’s an amazing feeling.

Who would have thought that I could jump rope, do many of these crazy exercises that help tone my body, and now doing a  run/walk outside.  

Thank you June, for supporting and helping me over the last 10 months, I appreciate everything you have done for me.”  Karen; Hudson


Do you need help getting healthier, fitter, HAPPIER?

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Geri was looking to find her mojo. She did it, and more!:

“I ran my FIRST 5k this year while working with June 

Geri (Center) at Stow Gobbler 5k with her 2 kids.

This is no small feat as I am 56 years old and haven’t been running in a VERY long time. In fact, I don’t like running.

But, I have been feeling better then ever since beginning June’s Program.

I have been attending FitCamp and working to improve my fitness.

June encouraged me to write fitness goals for 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, and one year beyond the start of the program.

June recommend tips to increase my fitness in small ways. Reducing my walking circuit time, or throwing in a few exercises first thing in the morning, and also keeping track of exercise and activity each day.

I also asked my adult kids to run with me, which added incentive and motivation to finish.

I am proud to say that running a 5k was a 1 year goal and I completed it within 1 month of starting the program!!!

June and the other Fit Campers were there cheering at the finish.

I don’t know that I’ll ever run a marathon, but it feels good to break out of that mental prison of “I can’t” or “it’s painful” and return to an identity of strength and athleticism.

I stand taller, sit straighter, have more energy, and feel good about myself.

And that’s worth working for. Thanks June!” ~ Geri, Stow


How I’m Coping

If you’ve been working with me over the past five months, you know my father passed away suddenly this summer just after his 67th birthday. He was diagnosed with Cancer the first week of June and was gone June 17th. So quick.

Dad Boston Marathon

Dad was a huge and positive influence in my life. He was an amazing athlete – played Irish Football growing up  and had a Boston Marathon PR of 2:49 (that means he ran 26 consecutive miles at a 6 minute 30 second pace. Woah.)

Whenever someone asks “How’d you get into fitness?” my answer always involved my dad. I was raised by a hard core no excuses marathoner.

He was also a business genius. He grew up in County Wicklow, Ireland. One of 13 kids. He apprenticed to become an accountant and eventually moved to the the States. First to Acton, MA. Then we moved to the Silicon Valley, CA in 1989 when he was offered the position of CFO at Sun Microsystems. An amazing achievement for a man from such humble beginnings and with no traditional college education (and certainly no Ivy League education).In the 90s he left Sun and began his own manufacturing company – which eventually went public. After selling his company he consulted for businesses around the world.  Dad was self made and hard working.

Dad & me. 1983

Dad loved and believed in family. We went back to Ireland for summer vacations, but the winter holidays we spent as a little family unit. Mom, dad, and us four kids. We didn’t have extended family to visit with. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been an awesome and intimate family affair for us.

In fact, when my father was first diagnosed with cancer this summer one of my first thoughts was “Its going
to be so hard having dad sick over the holidays”. I imagined he’d be weak from chemo. I had no idea he’d be gone in just a couple weeks.

My parents had been married 40+ years and had an super tight, strong bond. Amazing examples of a loving, respectful relationship. Perfect companions. “She spoils me” dad would often say about mom. She took care of him and made sure he had everything he needed to succeed.  Watching her struggle with the loss of dad is difficult. But she is tough – and I know she’ll be ok. We all will.

Now, here we are – trudging through the holidays without dad. Unimaginable.

So, how am I coping with this huge loss?

RUNNING / EXERCISE : I feel closest to my dad when I tie on my running shoes. The day I was told dad had 1-2 days to live I got home from Emerson Hospital, put my son to bed, and went out for a 3 mile run. Crying the whole way under the setting sun.

TAKING IT EASY : I haven’t been seeing as many clients the last few months. I’m easily distracted and spacey. So I’ve been doing less 1:1 work with clients (that’ll be changing come January!) Grief is exhausting.

NO BOOZE : It would be really easy for me to cover up my sadness with glasses of wine in the evenings. The numbness that alcohol brings would be a welcome escape from grief. But the REALITY is that drinking wouldn’t REALLY make me feel better in the long run – and would  make me feel worse. I’ve been limiting my alcohol consumption this winter.

YOGA / MEDITATION: A few months before dad got sick I took up yoga on a consistent basis. I’d go to class 1-2x per week. Since dad’s passing I’ve been going to yoga up to 5x per week. It has proven to be the perfect blend of intensity and calming. I’m so grateful I found it.

SUPPORT : My family is awesome. All four of us kids get along and enjoy spending time together. We all love and respect mom. We were taught to ‘get on’ with each other. And now – during the hardest time of our lives – that is such a gift.  My siblings have been a huge support for me thru this – I couldn’t imagine going getting through this without them.

Dad visiting family in Ireland. 2013

The trick with grief is that it tends to roll in and out – like the tide. You’ll think you’re ‘okay’ and then a song will come on the radio, or my son will mention his “Poppi”, or I’ll be out for a run – and the reality and finality of it will roll over me.

I hope this  post was helpful. If you have any tips or suggestions about how you’ve dealt with grief I’d love to hear them.

Have a great week,

~ June

Ideas & Exercise

Being an endurance athlete for about 15 years, people often ask me what I think about when out for a long run / swim / bike. They usually think a long run is insanely boring. A waste of time.

But the reality is that most of my BEST ideas come to me when I am outside, exercising. When fresh air and exercise are mixed together, most problems can be solved – sometimes problems I didn’t even know I had.

file0001816862747For example, at the end of most of my 8 week Fit Camp sessions I typically hold a “Game Day” event. The whole idea of “Game Day” came to me when I was out for a run. Kinda like “Hey – wouldn’t it be fun if we played an athletic version of musical chairs at Game Day?” And, Game Day was born.

Then, each time a scheduled Game Day was looming, I’d head out for a run – and … voila! A unique, exciting Game Day idea would come to me. We’ve played athletic versions of Bingo, musical chairs, and had a Game Day scavenger hunt. Class takers loved it – and they were always my biggest class of the session.

I doubt that any of these idea would’ve come to me if I had been sitting at a desk, trying to beat a good idea out of my head.

EXERCISE helps your brain work better, easier. 

Try this: Next time you are struggling with a creative solution to a problem, head outside for a walk, or a run. You’ll be amazed at what solutions simply pop into your head.

Work Hard this Week,

~ June

ps. My new Weight Loss Intensive program begins February 3rd. Interested in joining? Click HERE for info. 

How to Reset your Normal Meter

Does your normal meter need to be reset?

By this I mean …

  • Do you think that NOT exercising most days of the week is ‘normal’?
  • Do you think that eating processed foods most days of the week is ‘ok’?
  • Are you gaining two or more pounds a year ~ the weight is slowly creeping on (that would be 20lbs over 10 years! 40 lbs over 20 years!).
  • Are you taking medications to control your blood pressure, cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes, but not taking actions to get OFF these meds?

If you answered YES to any of those questions your normal meter needs to be reset.

Here are my biggest tips to help you reset your normal meter:

  1. Find people who exercise consistently, eat healthier than you, and hang out with them. We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. If nobody around you takes daily healthy action, you’re less likely to.
  2. Ask for support. You might need someone to watch the kids so you can exercise. You might need help with cooking healthy foods, or get fresh foods delivered to prevent excessive pizza nights.
  3. Watch inspiring videos about people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Netflix and Youtube have great videos about people overcoming all odds to achieve amazing weight loss and athletic success. (Bonus points for watching while working out!)

You CAN reset your normal meter, get fit, and lose weight, and get off your meds. Everything is reversible!

>>CLICK HERE if you’d like to learn more about working with me, in my awesome private studio in Stow Center.

See you soon!

~ June Melia


P.S. Living with type 2 diabetes? Are you pre-diabetic? I’m working intensely with people who are determined to turn their type 2 diabetes around. CLICK HERE to learn more and apply.

Summer Fitness is Built in the Winter

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘Summer bodies are built in the winter’.

And although there is truth to that, I want to add a twist. What I believe is:

‘Your summer FITNESS is built in the winter’.

I’d hate to see you let this time of year go by without working on your health and fitness. Getting fit NOW will set the stage for a healthy and active summer!

Scroll below to see some options to work with me through this winter and spring.

Talk soon!

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

IIN Certified Health Coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach




Join me in my super private, bright, clean studio in Stow Center where I’ll teach you the ins and outs of exercise, fitness, and better nutrition. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to be committed.

I specialize in helping people who REALLY need it. People who are worried about type 2 diabetes, or have already been diagnosed. People who are clinically obese, and don’t know what to do.

  • CLICK HERE After applying, we’ll find a time to talk and see if you’re REALLY ready for change.



Are you already in pretty good shape, but want to be pushed in a high energy environment? You’ll have access to:

  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Fully Stacked Free Weights
  • Medicine Balls
  • Stability Balls
  • And MORE!

Class size is limited to 4 people & only 1 spot is left

Where: 48 Homestead Lane

When: 6pm Wednesday Evenings / 7am Saturday Mornings

Worried about type 2 diabetes? {New Program!}

I’m running a special program for people who are struggling with very specific health concerns:

People who:

  • Have type 2 diabetes.
  • Are pre diabetic (insulin resistant).
  • Are concerned about excessive belly fat and its health implications.

>> CLICK HERE and take this quick quiz. Once you take the quiz I’ll reach out with more info.

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training


Does Dieting Work?

If you’re like most Americans, at some point in your life you’ve been told that to lose weight you need to ‘move more, eat less”.

Working in fitness and health for 17 years, I’ve seen SO MANY people try to lose weight by moving more and eating less.

Some progress is made. Pounds do come off. Inches are lost. Maybe weight loss is sustained for a small chunk of time. Then they ‘lose their focus’ (aka get hungry) and the weight starts creeping back up again. (Can you relate?)

MOST people who have struggled with their weight have tried this. And they usually try it multiple times ~ and at some point feel like a failure because the weight comes back on.

Here are my top 3 Tips to try INSTEAD of just eating less:

1. ADD fats. If you choose to go low(er) carb, and are dropping processed, simple carbohydrates from your diet, add in FAT. Coconut oil, nut butters, avocado and (dare I say?) grass fed butter and meats all have super healthy fats which will keep you satisfied, keep your insulin levels from spiking, and craving MORE processed refined carbs.

2. Add High Intensity Exercise (Strength Training) into your Routine. Once you’ve created a strong fitness base (exercising most days of the week for 4-8 weeks) add in some High Intensity Anaerobic Workouts.

3. Create Boundaries. Eat within a smaller time frame. Intermittent Fasting is a great tool you can use to create boundaries around your food habits. Start with a 10 hour window (breakfast at 9am, dinner done by 7pm) and see you you feel.

Take on either just one, or all three of these habits and let me know how you do!

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

IIN Certified Health Coach


P.S. Are you living with Metabolic Syndrome? Pre diabetes? Type 2 diabetes? With the right nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle changes you CAN reverse it all!

I would love to help you in 2018! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Are you healthy? {QUIZ!}

Very early in my Personal Training career, I had a client who was living with Type II Diabetes. He was in his 60s, super nice, but he was struggling with complications that come with Type II Diabetes.

He wasn’t enjoying his Golden Years. He shuffled because he couldn’t see well and couldn’t feel his feet. He wore velcro sneakers because he had lost feeling in his hands and couldn’t tie shoe laces. He had already had a heart attack. And he wasn’t really old! He just seemed old because he had such poor health.

One time he came to me with a ‘funny story’. He had put his sneakers on one morning. When he went to take them off hours later his wife noticed he had blood all over his socks. When they looked closer, taking off his socks, they noticed something REALLY scary. He had left a WHOLE SET of keys in his shoes. He had spent hours walking around with a set of car keys in his shoes, cutting up his feet to the point where he was bleeding. And he had no idea because his diabetes caused poor circulation and numb feet.

People living with Type II Diabetes often suffer from diabetic neuropathy ~ causing loss of circulation and feeling to the feet. Increasing risk of infection and limb amputation.

And all this begins with Metabolic Syndrome (aka Syndrome X). Metabolic Syndrome can be a precursor to Type II Diabetes. Both Metabolic Syndrome AND Type II Diabetes are REVERSIBLE.

With proper education, focus, and determination Metabolic Syndrome and Type II Diabetes are REVERSIBLE.

Are you at risk?

>>CLICK HERE to take the Quiz!

I’ll get back to you with your results.

See you soon!

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

IIN Certified Health Coach


🍳Skip Breakfast? 🍳

My clients are always worried about skipping meals. They are worried that skipping meals will screw up their metabolism, make them hangry, and make them overeat at meal times.

But the REALITY is that skipping meals can benefit your fitness, health, and weight loss goals. And it doesn’t ‘screw up your metabolism’ when done the right way.

I started skipping breakfast consistently when, several years ago, I joined a 9:30am yoga class. I always loved practicing yoga on a empty stomach ~ so this meant I would eat my first meal after 11am. After yoga class I would come home and make myself some scrambled eggs and avocado on cilantro sprouts. (so good!)

And I noticed some things through this process:

  • I wasn’t really hungry in the mornings. Eating first thing was more of a habit.
  • Eating breakfast just made me hungry ~ kicking off cravings & grazing the rest of the day.
  • I felt better mentally when I skipped breakfast. I felt more focused and motivated.
  • My yoga workouts felt AWESOME on an empty stomach. And these weren’t sleepy yoga classes ~ they were athletic hot yoga classes.
  • I was getting leaner in my midsection.

And later on I learned that this is actually a THING. Skipping a meal (or shortening your feeding time during the day) is called Intermittent Fasting. And science shows that it is REALLY good for us.

And, for people with type 2 diabetes, various forms of fasting or skipping meals is shown to have an awesome impact on lowering blood sugar levels!

So, if you skip breakfast, it really isn’t a big deal AT ALL ~ and it could even be a super healthy option for you.

People at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes:

  • Store fat around their midsection
  • Have high blood pressure / on medication for high blood pressure
  • Have high cholesterol / on medication for high cholesterol
  • Have high fasting blood sugar levels

>>CLICK HERE to schedule a time to talk.

~ June Melia; MS Athletic Training

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

IIN Certified Health Coach